I Am Trying To Let My Heart Say What It Wants To

I have been trying to let my heart. Say what ever that it wants to. That way, it gets a chance to say something. It seems to be working out just fine for me. That is why some of the stories seem to be coming out the way that they have been. Its so nice too listen to me heart. For a change in my life. Because it seems to know what it wants. Soon my heart will have what it wants so bad. That would be Jack. I get to see him soon. I know that my heart will be so happy about that. The heart just knows the right things to say. I seem to be loving that so much. That I will let my heart do the talking for me.
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22-25, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2011

I hope you receive the desires of your heart; but be mindful that certain human characteristic exist in all human beings. Such as the tendency to run if being chased. Any man or woman will automatically run in the opposite direction if they feel they are being chased either physically or metaphysically. It’s just human, or maybe, animal nature. So if your “heart” comes on too strong, and “Jack” perceives that you are chasing him, - he may run in the opposite direction. . . I’m just saying, “yes, speak from your heart, but be intelligent about it. . .”