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From The Heart~

I worry about young EP women. I see so many posts on EP from young women that break my heart. Perhaps a huge part of what they are writing is pure drama for the sake of being dramatic alone, but, still, it is concerning to me.

So many young women post things like "I don't want to live without him" or "I cut myself" or "I hate myself for being fat" or "no one loves me" or 'I want to die."

It makes me wonder how we could have let this happen to our young women? Couldn't we do a better job than this? What's wrong with us mature women that we don't do something to help our young ones coming up in this society.

Do we care? I sure do, but, I think some of the young women on this forum are attempting to emotionally manipulate well meaning EP'ers with these dramatic claims, it is hard to know when to reach out and when to move on.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 56-60, F 4 Responses Apr 12, 2012

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I went through this self pity phase I believe this has been common even before the internet.... these young women may have dramatic lives at the moment but just having a way to express themselves gives them more than I had when I went through my hard years... growing up is hard and as making a living becomes more difficult children become more isolated and neglected so it is good that they have a way to connect to eachother even if it is over a negative moment in their lives..... I believe EP has many great people who care and are willing to help and when they are ready they will learn to love themselves and move on from the dark days..... that is all we can hope for.... give them love and see what they make of it :)

Thank you for your compassionate and sensitive response, I want to be more like you~ :)

I wonder about many posts here~ I agree with you, feel in our heart we try our best. I give cards of encouragement. So my positive light does not drain out! And you have a magical way as well! big hugs my loving friend! xoxo<br />
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try to comfort woman,men,the old and disabled..even stories about animals.. sad

Cards are a good idea! :-))

i think you will be blessed for trying to help people, even if they are just being dramatic and don't really need help. it's whats in your heart that really matters and you have a big huge kind caring heart!!! =)

I want to be, but, if you hang around EP very long and read some of these young girls posts, it becomes sort of sad because I take it seriously, when I think in reality, they just want to vent. :-))

I share your concern for them, but I cannot tell which are serious and which are just posting for shock

We'll do the best we can to sort them out, I agree, it is not easy to know! Thanks~

I hope I don't come across like this. Not even sure I come under the young category anymore either having said all that.<br />
I do know what you mean in some respect. I do think some post on here just to get attention where as others (like myself) are genuine in what they say. I am always genuine and real on here, maybe too real.<br />
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i agree with you Jenni. it is hard to know who is real and who isn't. =)

I smile, you aren't an old lady Jenni, but, I'm sure you have read the same posts as I have, you know the ones, they sound like they want to make direct suicide threats and they sound so serious and you want to help them but they are so involved in their own drama's that nothing you say is being heard, it's scary and concerning and you feel helpless because you cannot seem to say anything that is of comfort. I have had to stop commenting on these posts because it gets very disturbing when you are a caring person. :-)) I know they get to you too as you are a very caring person yourself.