True To My Experience

In speaking from the heart, we are as true to our experience as we can solely be.  Writing from the heart, for me, has been a form of spiritual practice.  Connecting with a place deep within and writing from here has helped to open up the world and my emotions to the greater reality of existence.  Simply trying to get there intellectually does not get me far... it takes a certain surrender to a place deep within to bring forth wisdom -- something that intellect and rational thinking can easily miss, if heart is not involved.

I've grown tired of intellectual discussion, and feel a need to return to my 'roots'... for me, a highly emotional being, I need to stay 'grounded' in love.  It seems that for me, this journey is rooted in love.  For others it may be intellect that moves them along, but I have limited understanding of this.  So I won't try to 'keep up' with such discussions, I'll move in the streams that feel the most familiar and comforting, that allow me to grow in important ways. 

I think we really all know what we need, we only need to listen to ourselves and follow the paths that feel right for us.

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4 Responses Dec 13, 2009

So glad to hear that, sister friend :)

thank you for that understanding, sister Dee. Reading that lightened my moment.

sisterwomanchild: "It feels too often for me that I stay grounded in reactionary fear.:<br />
<br />
As do many of us. And even when we manage to break free for awhile, it's easy to fall back into fear. I think we need to go easy on ourselves when we do, and keep practicing that which works to move us towards freedom and away from fear... to me, it seems that love helps a whole lot in this process, and what this means is keeping an open heart and embracing what we find.

I agree. I feel in a similar way. I am most interested in listening to the heart,,,following my instinct and not the considered end decision,,considered after factoring in this is that. I would like to stay grounded in love. It feels too often for me that I stay grounded in reactionary fear.