My Heart Has Opened. Finally!

For years and years i was stuck in a rut of self pity, i could not give anyone the time of day let alone say nice or kind words to people.

About 2 years ago i decided enough was enough and i started to change my thoughts, the way i saw people, (If i saw someone happy i would go out of my way to make them miserable), the clothes i wore, (bought a new style of clothes), started looking at all the good things i had and had to be grateful for rather than all the things i wanted and didnt have.

By some miracle my life has become positive and now i can share my experiences with people and give them some words of advice, love and understanding.

I will speak from the very bottom of my heart, to the best of my ability and the rewards have been enormous.

"When life deals you lemons, try your best to make lemonade".

It works wonders for your spirit.

Angeleyes777 Angeleyes777
31-35, F
3 Responses Dec 16, 2009

Good for you honey. I'm glad you have made your life more positive! :)

You walked through the fires of the spirit... fire is a changing element. You changed. I am incredibly happy for you! <br />
My grandmother taught me about speaking from the heart... your words take on an higher quality.

it so inspring i like what u did am u make happy