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I find compassion to be a wonderful asset and do my best to teach my children though words and action. I have always taken the oldest with me when I volunteer and she has a huge HUGE heart. The little ones are kinda young to join in but they are included when ever possible.

So this weeks lesson, well my sons school misplaced his backpack. It was two years old already and starting to look a little worn so I didn't get too upset. I went to Target and he picked out a new spider-man one that he loves. Well don't ya know they found the original one. The teacher emailed me about giving it to this boy in class who couldn't afford one. I told her "of course BUT it had to come from my son". My little man has his issues and I just knew that if it wasn't run by him he wouldn't understand why. She agreed and had a quick chat with him and he was good with it. Needless to say he's very happy with his new one and his friend now has a spider-man backpack too.

It might not seem like much but he did a good thing and he'll always remember it.

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5 Responses Feb 28, 2009

It is one of the most difficult things to teach young children but you did it!

Way to be a good role model.

What a fantastic lesson you are teaching him! He is lucky to have such a wonderful, caring and teaching mom like you :)

Yes he will, and so will the recipient of the old one. Hugs girl.

awe you are such a great mom!