am I something or nothing
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You are something for sure!

You are a very important human being created in the image of God himself. what else do you want to be. You were created for a purpose, to love God and obey his commands in this world. I am not preaching.

Does it matter?
Just a very little piece of something. Hopefully enough of something to have made life worth living. That is really what matters, right?

Deeply thoughtful. Much to glean from so few words. Thank you . mini

The emotions need a body to feel them. How else would you know pain/joy. The body then can hold onto this or let it go. When it holds on, then sometimes disease will come in and cause more pain or even grow of the inner self.
For me I am here, to share all the gamet of emotions. To look up at the night sky, then to know how small a speck I am. AND... when I go inside, their is also a universe to discover.
To peace with the self.....

to feel is a separate thing and thoughts a different,because body desires needs emotions where feel is inner who produses vibrations for surrender


nothing as compared to existence

You are part of existence, so you can't be nothing.

to some extent as a very, very and very little part of fragment cannot be equal to the whole of existence

One wave of the ocean is no less part of the ocean than the ocean. As the Upanishads tell us, one gold nugget, whatever shape or form it takes is still gold. I'm paraphrasing.

when it is going to merge

It's already merged, according to the Vedas. We can't see it because of Maya, though enlightenment lifts the veil. I'm not sure what I believe anymore. Existence is very strange.

whosoever merge cannot question and never use any words .please check it up what you said there is still I and ego of your knowledge

It's not my knowledge. It's in the Vedas. And who says words cannot be used? You? The Buddha? Every belief is just that...a belief...a concept. I'm not arguing over something that nobody on earth can prove. I was answering your question that's all.

whatsoever we read , see ,hear or taste is a information not knowledge,where knowledge is what you experience by adopting excuse me for being harsh and wanted forgivness from your side .may GOD bless you

We are all harsh at times...even me. God bless.

Don't reply to this.

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