Maybe you should have called this "I Try to View Children Separately From Their Actions" because it is most important to do so in childhood while the personallity is developing, then the person wouldnt feel so guilty about everything as an adult and would have more self esteem and confidence.

To children it is more like that. They are trying to discover the world and try things or they do unconsciously what they see in their surroundings and really dont know why they did some things. Asking them and making them feel guilty too much is a mistake. Parents should better ask themselves why, they should know better.

Children are as white paper. What you will write to them, that they will be. They are only the learners and copyers. They are born without knowledge, only with a few instincts. What they will learn from parents and growing surroundings, that they will be. It is the responsibility of parents to write to the paper correctly. It is a big responsibility and a very hard job. People should seriously think if they are capable of this job. It is not just procreation!!!!

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Mar 23, 2009