If It Makes You Happy...

My goal in life, though I didn't really mean for it to be, seems to be to try and make everyone happy. The thing is, it's impossible to make everyone happy, because while you might make one person happy, you're probably, at the same time letting someone down as well.

All of my friends come to me with their problems, and they leave it up to me to make things better for them. It happens so much that when I just know my friend is having a problem, without them really having mentioned anything abou it, I offer to try and help, just out of habit.

While I am busy helping everybody else feel better though, there is always one person I neglect, and that is myself. Everybody else's happiness is put before my own, and sometimes that has the effect of putting me into, shall we say, not so happy, of moods.

I've come to realize though, it is best if I help as many people as I can, but know that I can't help everybody, and know that I also have to let myself be happy too.

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2 Responses Jan 15, 2007

I know what you mean here! I also try and make everyone like me.... those are my "flaws". While trying to say what they want to hear, act how ""appropriate" they think is, and do "the right thing"..... keeps me from knowing myself. My fiance has been helping me establish my own sense of me... it's nice.... I know who I am now - for the first time in 26 years! So while I'm different from your experience in some sense, I know what ya mean! =)

I try so hard to make everyone else happy too, but I have learned through many dissapoinments that if you dont make yourself happy , take time out for you, be your own friend then you are actually not doing any good for anyone else. You cant be the perfect friend to all if the first peson you avoid is yourself.