Again I Go Unnoticed....

I constantly TRY to impress my guy friend. He's so intelligent and charming and wonderful. He has told me recently theat I'm the "best person" he knows! He says my opinion matters more to him than any one else's. Even still, I do everything in my power to impress him. I listen to every song he ahs ever mentioned.. and I do various other things in order to try and impress him. But that's all I seem to do, is try. He never acknowledges these things I do, and seeing as he already loves me, I can see that I don't need to do these things. I obviously already impress him!! I know that.. but I just can't stop myself from trying!!
bulletinmybutterflywing bulletinmybutterflywing
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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

ohmy GOSH! that was over a year ago!! things have changed a good bit since then. well, i mean, i still do all of those things, but he does just as much for me. we both make a huge effort to impress eachother, and it totally works. so it's pretty great. we became best friends in about January 07 so i'm so proud of us that we still care so much about eachother. :)