Does He Exist???

I believe that there is a prince charming out there for everyone. I'm not talking about someone you have thought about or made up in your head. I'm talking about a guy that comes into your life and sweeps you off your feet. Not about looks, not about personality, but about making you feel that you are the only one he wants to be with. I would be lying if i said I didn't believe in fairy tales. I think everyone does and I believe everyone wants a "Happily Ever After". Everyone deserves to find someone that makes them feel special. I am just waiting for my prince to find me. I need to stop the search and make him find me this time. He will walk into my life and....."Some day someone will walk into you life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else" I want that.
26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 3, 2012

As much as i want to believe that "he will find you while you just sit back and wait" i dont think that is possible. In addition, I've never met any couples that live the fairy tale life of "happily ever after". I do however believe that, "that some one that you made up in your head" is out there. The first step in finding him is to write the exact description of him, otherwise we forget and end up with the wrong person.

Never give up that dream! Keep your heart open and you will find him. Never settle for less either!

Thank you so much :)

Completely agree with the don't settle for less part.

thanks :)