My Mind Is Too Gone

Up Until The Time i Saw Him I Fell In Love I've Been Chasing Him Around For The Longest And He Kept Rejecting Me But I Kept Trying And Trying so Den I Told My Sis About Him Then I Noticed That There Have Been Alt Of Attention Between Each other So Im Mad Im Furious And I Repeatedly Ask Them Was They Having A Affair She Said No And I Trusted Her With All My Heart And Im Just Finding Out Now Tht They Were They Have Been Kissing And Everything So i Had My Lil Diary Jotting Down Things Saying He GoneWish He Had Me One Day And This Upcoming Year He Texted Me Talking About He Was Shy To Tell Me Tht he Was n love with me and i fell for it and i gave him chances after chances i mean i was dangerously in love with him bt i keep going off on him frm time to time but i wanna just walk away from all of this but something holding me back i had another guy that was willing to give me his all but i took him for granted cuss i wanted to b with him so badly i still do love him i am trying each day to forget and forgive and he don't show me no type of affection what can i possibly do to get him out my head i been thru the storm seems like forever he's been with my sister and i just wanna leave but i Cant
KissinU123 KissinU123
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1 Response May 24, 2013

i know i feel your pain. i've been trying to forget my "crush" for months. i know we'll never be, but a part of me still wants to believe he likes me back. maybe it is true, maybe it's not. but i've been depressed lately becuase of that, because before, he used to choose to talk to me over other girls, but now he doesn't, and i feel bad. i don't want to move on though, at the same time, becuase i know if i do i'll have to let go of all our memories that i've been treasuring for so long. we still talk now and then, but i don't think it's even the same anymore. i don't get those butterflies anymore, but i still long for his attention.... weird....