This Will Be The Year.

I am very overweight. I dont really know how I let it get this bad. I was gonna live with it till I got the fat D word. Now I'm in school and my schedule is very hectic but in 6 days school will be over and I will have more free time since I cut back at work and it has become more of a necessitiy rather than a desire. I have some ideas on how I will go about this. Mostly I think I will try excersise and a1,300 calorie diet. I dont know how or what measl to prepare but I wil research it and see what happens after 2 weeks. I wanted to joing WW but I dont have the money. I dont even know if I have the will power. I just really like eating even when I am full. I havent been fat my whole life but its been 7 years now I want to make a change. I will keep udating this. Even though I will not start the diet for another week I do plan to cut back on calories and stop drinking soft drinks and no more fast food, although I do like my own cooking as well. Even now I have overeaten and feel like I have to puke, but wont. I hate doing this to myself. Im not so concerned with how I look. I think I needed the time to be fat. I was too much of a hoe when I was in shape anyway and now I dont like guys that much so hopefully I will save trips to the gyno for that drink. If anyone else joins can you tell me how to send pic on here I want to update my journey. Maybe it will help someone maybe not but I think it would be good. I like this place better than twitter. I think that I will delet twitter (maybe) Im more comf here that twitter or fb. Wish me luck, trust me I will need it.
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I knew that I was overweight. I knew that I was obese and I didn't give a damn. Then I saw a girl who had been 310lbs and she had gone down to size 6 (US). I was gobsmacked! to say the least. I made a list of foods which I thought were bad for me an determined to avoid them at all costs. Of course, the alcohol intake had to be restricted to nil.OUCH! But it worked, from 270 lbs in two months I have reached 236lbs and that is without doing any exercise at all. The aches and pains have also decreased, so much so that I now feel able to start the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred! I have bought some dumbells and a yoga mat. The down side to all this is that my clothes are falling off me and I need to keep up with restocking my wardrobe. The up side is that I can get fashionable clothes in an acceptable size. A friend advised me to always buy clothes a size smaller than you are and that that is a great motivation to getting rid of excess weight. OK at 236lbs, I am still the size of a mountain, but the day when I am compared to a molehill is only a few more meals away.

Thanks I still have not been doing well I am now 233. I had went down to 217 then gained it. I will try that. I just enjoy eating. But thanks I hope I could lose that much it would be nice to get out ot the 200s by next year.

I finally found something that works so far the weight is just coming off yes I have decreased what I am eating and excersising but still feels good. My timeline is not 6 or 7 months.

Ok so didnt quite go as planned I am trying this new thing of eating one nice meal in the morning and one snack and juice and water for the rest of the day. I have just started and I am losing at least a pound a day. I am so happy guess I will write back at the end of next month wish me will power. I am now 231 I was 240 a few weeks ago. I am just focusing on 10 pounds at a time.

So far no school is good. I found a friend that wants to go walking after work and lives in my town. I planned on losing 7 pounds by the end of the month and so far I have lost 5 pounds. I have started eating better. When I get a craving for something bad I drink more water. Water is not so bad. I still drink a little too much juice 24 oz a day like 3x a week. I am trying to cut it down to 1 cup a few weeks. But no soda. I'll write down in like 3 more weeks. So far I feel good I cant wait to get out of the 200s.

Midweek and so far not bad I just have to limit the juice intake and I plan to start excersising tomorrow. I guess I can update this twice a month. I cook at home. I think that is what is helping. I hate to excersise.

My last day of school is monday. I have completely lost control. So far no loss or gain but mostly cause I took a laxative. I'm hoping to start tomorrow. I still can't excersise til tuedsay. Keep it posted. I'll put a pic up in 2 weeks.