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After 6 years of my broken world and dreams trying to stand up high try to Be the difference I want to make I stand up lone for my survival of my broken dreams because I did not have the love that i should have and not the carrier that I want to be in and do being a nerd and not speaking bad to any one after all the **** that I have been through.not happy with the salary I take(which most people like to earn) staying away from family and few friends to share with and I see they respect me with the trouble that I have been through and the literally feel that I have the potential that to be a difference that I always says but at the end of the day I really no that I M a broken heart and all of it I am loser that which the world try to make me I struggled not to accept the world says because i know the world is full of hatred and cruelity and i remember that my love has gone away after 4years when i wake up from bed the loced one would not be sleeping beside me as i know that she filling the spot to some other person and she thinks that he loves her as world beloved that we are sage here but we are not are these thoughts which I think to make my self motivation to be a man of difference and with all these thoughts I sleep and wake up every day
hary007 hary007
22-25, M
1 Response May 12, 2012

Hary..the better option to get out of a problem is to not remembering the problem.Try it works.Make yourself busy and explore yourself.<br />
When you love yourself nothing else in this world can break your heart again.It's my sincere advice.