One Moment At A Time...

Over the decades, I lost all of my blood-related family members...which of course makes me the only survivor. But more than losing my family, my precious husband...who is all I had...and with whom I shared the deepest love that is humanly possible...passed away unexpectedly 22 days ago.

I am in a grief state of disbelief. Sometimes it goes into anger, because his passing was not fair to him or to me!! It was not fair to us! We had so many years ahead of us to live and enjoy life, as well as to share everything.
We loved each other immensely, and I KNOW there will not be anyone else in my life, so why did he have to be taken from me?

I believe it is true that when each of our loved ones passes away, a part of us (our heart and soul) goes with them...therefore, a part of us passes away too. So we cannot be the same person we were before the passing. Then we must learn how to cope as a changed person, who was abruptly one quick moment...into a different world or atmosphere.

The only thing I can think of is: be kind to gentle to my heart and feelings.
And take one day at at time...better yet, take one moment at a time.
Cry when I feel like angry when I feel anger...and express what ever else is to come.
And in time, I will be familiar with the different person I have become...but no matter what, I KNOW that I will ALWAYS love my husband...and I KNOW that he will ALWAYS love me.

As I always said throughout the years of my losses: Death CANNOT sever the bond of love!

Blessings to all...

Kepola2 Kepola2
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

I'm very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what you are going through as I am aslo going through my own grief. It is true, a huge part of my heart and my soul did go with my husband when he died. Blessed Be.