Losing My Mom

I lost my mom to COPD in May 2009.  Watching her struggle from COPD was one of the hardest things I have ever went thru and  I have been in tough situations before.  I really miss her, I still find myself wanting to call her every day.  We talked every day and she was a big part of my life.  I am trying to work thru the grief and it is hard.  The only thing that gets me thru is knowing that she is in heaven looking down on me.  But there are still so many feelings that I can't seem to cope with anger, denial, fear. 

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hi giggles this is (theranger) writing to you,i really relate to your sad loss, every body has different strengths, the grieving period varies from person to person it could take 2 years or 10 years who knows. i had 3 deaths in my family one after the other 12 months between each one.What i will say is you cannot rush the bereavement period so do not try.i will say that while you are in a sad part of your life do not let the grief stop you from achieveing goals you had previous to your sad loss.Keep focused on your goals and dreams while working through your bereavement this is what the person you sadly lost would have wanted you to do.Good luck in the future Regards Theranger

It's indeed a great irreparable loss, my dear friend. But at the same time, show must go on. You have to live in this practical world. When I lost my mother during 2003, it was like a horror that someone removes roof from my head. What to do. Time is the great healer. I sincerely pray for her soul to rest in eternal peace and God give u enough courage and strength to bear this irreparable loss. Have some good like-minded acquaintances and I am sure u will come out of ur grief gradually. Good luck, my dear friend. Take care:)

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I read your story and was very drawn to it. My mother died of a pulmonary disease so I could relate to how you felt.<br />
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I'm still haunted by the way my Mom died. It is VERY DIFFICULT to watch someone you love go through a difficult death. You are still in the beginning of the healing process. It took me at least 2 years to feel ok with her loss. If you felt any different than you do know, you wouldn't be grieving and that's much worse in the long run. I rarely cry anymore and I was "a mess". You'll get through this. <br />
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I'm sorry for your great loss. I know you know this, Mom wouldn't want to be the cause of so much pain in your life. Keep working through the hard stuff, it will get easier.