MY Screenname Meaning

Hello everyone,

Its a pleasure to meet you all on here.  Im basically here to just see the world from a different perspective.  Something about me,  Im a female who believes in living for the moments that take my breath away.  My screenname is easily defined, I Enjoy having people in my life ( men and women as Im bisexual too so I get easily intrigued by a certain type of lady's way with words too :)who can keep me enticed in being around them.  I have a boyfriend for 3years now, so im not interested in a another man in any way beyond friendship and flirtatious fun conversation in a respectable manner, but the ladies i have a hard time resisting their ways of putting me under their spell just by their energy in conversation or by learning about who they are.

In person, you can physically see each other, notice eye color, touch to hug or shake hands, and also hear the various tones in each others voice.  Also, in the outer world, life tends to be taken for granted way more than online.  Priorities of stability takes place in real life, whereas online you can just escape into each other.  One thing that is vastly different the main way we can be enticed by each other on here is strictly through essence, energy, basically our way of just being ourselves through our words.  

That is where my screenname is created from.  I love meeting people who can just melt me, in some manner on any level  ( make me smile, laugh, drop my jaw or just be relaxed with me and lead me into their world ) ,  with their words, conversations, and life experiences.  Flirtation is a nice way of being stimulated  too as its just a good feeling everyone enjoys of unexpected change in rhythmic idle chit chat.  So here is a little information about me.  Im just here to let you all lead me into an unknown world of mystery and entertainment in your way with words.   As far as attraction, as im not ever planning to meet anyone off the internet this is fantasy world to me.  I need no pictures of anyone,  Just interested in your stories, comments, and energy all around the site that is  how you can "JUSTENTICEME"



31-35, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

well thank you for the warm welcome yes im enjoying it so far :)