I get tired of hearing about how so in so did this or that person wrong. I have started just ignoring and not replying.

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I heard Arorin grew 60 feet tall and took over Tokyo, but don't tell him i told you.


Well, if ... this PREDICAMENT was to change in some perspective of all the S%!^,<br />
such as maybe... <br />
<br />
"So and So did WRONG" and "this person or that person" you are HEARING ABOUT... <br />
<br />
than WOULD you ... go on... and ... be otherwise than NOT REPLYING AND IGNORING?<br />
<br />
Oh no not for Me of course... for those FOLKS thinking to SEND MORE DRAMA out??? lol,<br />
<br />
But, so you wouldn't even come to a PAL with a FRET like this one? To help a DRUNK out?<br />
There was this woman suspected of drunk driving <br />
and slamming head-on into a car containing Sandra Bullock, <br />
the DRIVER has apologized. <br />
<br />
Barbara Babarina claims she didn't recognize the Hollywood actress <br />
and thought she was swerving into Paula Abdul this time<br />
though the time before that... she can't recall which some other CURLY haired "STAR"<br />
was in her VEHICULAR DRUNKEN RADAR... <br />
she gets jealous of WHEN the WHISKEY BOTTLE is empty... <br />
NOT a HAPPY DRUNK after all...

I am sorry Laffs. Did you send me a message? I didn't get it if you did.