Maybe Not Forever....

Literally.... I have troubles, just passing through the front door of my house, and stepping outdoors. It's not the leaving the house or the outside that I have anxiety about... but the people. If the world was devoid of all people (even though, I would be very lonely, if it were!), then leaving my house would be so very easy. =p

But the thought of being in a social setting, of being made fun of, or goofing up... it frightens me so much. :-(

Still, I push myself and force myself to be around others, in public, out there... twice a week. I know this may not seem like a big deal for many, but it is for me! I went from a girl who stayed indoors and away from any live person, for 6 years at a time, to one who goes out there... twice a week. And I've made that progress in as little as a year, thanks to therapy. :-)

I hope to continue further and further! I have hopes that I will! :-D

Still.... I stall... like now. I don't even have my socks on yet and I have to leave in fifteen minutes. XD

It's always a big to-do, when it's time for me to leave the house. I hope that I will get better in time... NO... I want to get better, in time! :-D

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3 Responses Oct 20, 2009

One of the reason's I avoid eye contact fear that they will judge me and when I'm put on the spot I feel my eyes water up. It's tough but if you can find at least one person to be comfortable around it can get easier.

Just glad I can help...and I mean every can do it!! HUGS

As long as you stick with leaving the house....even just twice a out there....among other people. I have no doubt that you will do it....sure it will be hard...but I have faith in can do it!!!