The Long Awaited Re-emergence of the Silent Majority

By Ron Ewart  Wednesday, February 25, 2009


imageSometimes when you are up against a brick wall and must get to the other side, you have three choices; go around it, go over it, or go through it.  If the wall is very high and very long, you may have no other choice but to go ‘THROUGH’ it.  However, going ‘through’ it will take more energy than just one man has, without resorting to an act of explosive violence.  If the wall is very high and very long, as is the ‘wall’ that our government has erected around our liberty, it may even take the energy as powerful as the silent majority, to breach it.” Ron Ewart

For four score and ten, we and others have watched the slow degradation of the elements of freedom and liberty.  We have watched as the walls were erected by government, around the principles of our cherished constitution.  We have watched as our treasury, brimming with our tax dollars taken by force, was pillaged, wasted and abused by government, to buy off naive and ignorant constituents for votes, or to reward lobbyists with the fruits of our labor, for favors.  We have watched as government, with malice aforethought, exploited class warfare and racial division.  We have watched as their ill conceived social policies have sent us head long, into financial collapse.
We have watched as laws were passed by government that violated one or more of our unalienable, individual rights.  We have watched as international treaties were ratified, that ran in direct opposition to our basic laws.  We have watched as power-hungry politicians worked with international forces to dilute or dissolve American sovereignty.  We have watched as Federal legislators, in all three branches of government, assume many more powers than were enumerated in our Constitution.  We have watched as the courts, at every level, rendered decisions that spit in the face of the Supreme Law of the Land, or defied any semblance of common law, much less, common sense. 
As the government gained more unauthorized power, the abuses of our freedoms have accelerated.    Which brings us to present day events.
Mostly urban, less-educated Americans, who don’t pay the lion’s share of the taxes and who have been bought off by robbing the public treasury, now have the majority votes to keep the robbers in office.  One of the greatest fears of our Founding Fathers.  Wealthy, special interest groups (mega corporations, unions, socialists, environmentalists, money changers and the international elite, etc.), continue their incessant lobbying of American lawmakers for a never-ending list of favors, which are granted by the spineless traitors that occupy the seats of power, at every level of our government. 
Massive, multi-trillion dollar stimulus bills to award failure (banks, businesses and irresponsible people) are angering the many millions of responsible citizens who do the right thing and live under the solid values of honesty, integrity, honor and family.  Achievement and success are penalized as being evil and a "sin" and therefore must be vilified and heavily taxed.  Amnesty for illegal aliens sticks in the craw of those responsible Americans who have to pay for it all and frustrates those who try to come to America legally.
Radical environmental legislation, in the form of endangered species acts, clean water acts, salmon recovery acts, inhibiting or outright prohibiting energy source extraction, power generation by any energy means, or the construction of oil refineries, and the fraud that is man-caused global warming in the form of CO2 emission limits and the insane cap and trade policies, has cutoff American creativity, ingenuity, industriousness and its envied economy, bringing the economy to its knees and rendering the United States a third-world country. 
These are traitorous acts by our gutless leaders, to the ideas and principles of freedom and liberty.  These acts give aid and comfort to our enemies.  These acts are the precursor to our enslavement.  These acts should make every American furious with their government.  These treasonous acts by our out-of-touch, arrogant leaders, demand action, and now, by all who consider themselves responsible and self-reliant Americans of any stripe, who ultimately must bear the growing burden of government’s negligence and corruption.
It is hard to conclude that there is an upside to these events, but there is.  Individual stories of government attacks on basic freedoms increases by the hour.    Property rights have been all but obliterated by draconian environmental regulations and government abuse of eminent domain.  Assaults on our other rights, now pour out of congress like a gushing geyser, as the socialists grow more arrogant with their rising power.  This rapid acceleration of these unconstitutional abuses by government, has awakened a good portion of the masses and more are awakening every day.  We call these awakening masses, the Silent Majority.   
But for almost 100 years, the silent majority has let their guard down.  The time for “watching” is over.  The time for “action” is a must.  If the silent majority have any hope of restoring our Republic, this majority who have been silent for far too long and thought the government would run itself, must awaken and stand united in the defense of freedom.   The silent majority must wrap itself around a representative symbol and a few simple actions.  Here are four (4) things the silent majority can do together:
1.    They must organize large protests at state capitols and government buildings, but especially at the homes of all politicians.  Politicians pay little price for their treasonous transgressions.  Those transgressions must be brought “home” to them in living color, where the politician ’lives”.
2.    They must participate aggressively in local, state and federal politics and encourage others to do the same.
3.    They must join and donate to a freedom organization of their choice and become involved in its activities.
4.   And they need to hold frequent “silent majority” meetings in their homes and discuss issues and strategies and then implement those strategies with their available resources.
To get the ball rolling, under the banner of our national organization, we have declared April 15, 2009 as the Silent Majority’s “National Awareness of Freedom” Day.  April 15th is the same day that the organization, “Restore the Republic”, (RTR) will be holding a nation-wide effort to get out information on the IRS and the Federal Reserve.  They have dubbed their April 15th day, "Operation Walk the Talk”.  Learn about “Operation Walk the Talk” by viewing RTR’s video at  Our organization is supporting and endorsing RTR’s April 15th event, in concert with our “National Awareness of Freedom” Day.  In the coming days, we will be releasing a nationwide press release for this event to publishers, the print and electronic media, talk-show hosts, websites, blogs, chat rooms and forums.  In addition, an inspirational “Silent Majority Awakens” video will be uploaded to YouTube for public viewing.
We strongly encourage you to participate in the April 15th “National Awareness of Freedom” Day and/or Restore the Republic’s “Operation Walk the Talk” event, by proudly displaying or wearing the “Silent Majority” symbol you see above.  Other groups are holding “Tea Parties” in many corners of America, in opposition to what our government is doing.  Become a proud member of the Silent Majority and wherever you go, wear this symbol as a badge of true American honor and unity.  You can request your “Silent Majority" easy-stick, pull-off badge by logging on
The silent majority in America is awakening and growing restless.  Join in solidarity with those of us who will defend our freedom and breach the “wall” that our government has erected around our liberty, by becoming one with the silent majority, under our proud "symbol" and engage in the four simple actions we have outlined.  Your freedom and your children and grand children’s freedom, hang in the balance.
If not you, then who?
“There is no power greater than the power of the people, when their foundation is based on the principles of Liberty.  Because the idea of freedom will overcome the most powerful military might, or the most tyrannical and abusive government, but such an effort will not be overcome without significant sacrifice."  Ron Ewart

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i thought Obama got in because people started waking up...

I think its time to awaken the whole world!