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I Tuck My Penis And Wear A Cameltoe *****

-(Some pics courtesy aliceleed )-

 Illustrations showing how anatomy is tucked backwards to give a feminine appearance

                                                                 Those two purple ovals become your "ovaries"  when they are tucked up into the body.    

Shape your toe to suit the look you want. The foam rubber will shrink down as you wear it. Use old or unpopular foundation for coloring if you don't want to have this taped over your tuck. I have 3 or 4 wearable ******. Each one is a little different in shape & appearance.

 When you see this in the mirror, what you see will be self-convincing. Touch it. Caress it. You are a woman now. If you don't think so, what you see in the mirror will prove it!

Before I put on clothes that give me a feminine spiritual exterior, I apply extra attention to critical detail in the spot where everyone looks. When you get the chance to gaze at that spot between my legs, I want my crotch area to look good enough to you, so that now you want to touch me there. Do you feel the warm dampness asking you inside me? You will. Bury your **** and stuff me from the front till you mercilessly pump your whole ****** into my trembling torso. Your throbbing, oozing hypersensitive **** head, paralyzed by the shock when the lightning struck.........


...Ok....where was I..?.......
But first I have to take care of an anatomical anomaly that will do nothing to enhance my gender reversal intentions. I've listed the 3 major items that I
used for the one that worked for me;
 (they can be found at  Wal-Mart):

  • Tan colored Duct Tape (The better quality stuff is more flexible, & will tear off the roll with a fabric "rip") Allow yourself about 1/2 of a roll so you can have enough to retape mistakes. 

  • Press 'n Seal food wrap (helps with the tucking)

  • Foam Rubber cut & shaped to make cameltoe (a piece 6-8 in long, 2-3 in wide, & about an inch thick. Leave extra "puffiness" to allow for foam rubber compression under clothes, if you so desire)
After shaving the complete area, shrinkwrap that cumbersome penis from your OTHER life. You will need a piece of press 'n seal wrap about 12"x 8". Starting at the tip, tightly wrap it to keep it from enlarging during your tuck time. It also keeps any bulge down to a minimum, plus going pee-pee is still possible, without having to re-do the whole process.

Cut off a 12 to 18 inch ***** of tape, and starting just below your belly button, start running the tape down, centered over penis, tucking in your new ovaries inside snugly as you work your way between your cheeks. The end of the tape should go up to the waist in order to remain attached when you bend over, etc. Your skin has to be clean shaven & dry to stick. If you have hair sticking to the tape, removal will be painful.

With 2 short pieces of tape, (6-8 in) make a "V" shape by running the tape in line with your front leg creases, down & over the area alongside penis and tape ending over center of penis.

Wrap snugly so tape doesn't distort skin surface, giving the illusion of a flat contoured female groin, like the picture seen here..

   Here's a tuck without a wearable *****.


              A view like this from behind is ideal                   Isn't this better than a disgusting bulge?


This project will take some time to complete, and should be done beforehand.

Start by making a deep slice lengthwise almost all the way thru down the middle of the foam rubber, (like a hot dog bun) but don't cut yourself! Leave top & bottom of cut attached. The 2 halves are your outer labia. Using sharp scissors, or large knife, gradually round down corners & edges, tapering thinner towards all the outer edges. Round off inside edges of labia to look as natural as possible. Model in mirror often so you don't cut too much off. Using tan tape, start first piece covering the inside perimeter, working outward with another *****, until you have gently covered up the foam lengthwise, all the time be watching progress so it stays looking correctly.  Put into anatomical position and check how it all tucks down underneath, before taping into place.  Bend forward to see appearance from rear. You may have to take it off & trim it to suit the look you want, especially on the first one you make. Don't get discouraged, & don't rush through it!
Now just tape SMOOTHLY...into place, using horizontal tapes to blend it smoothly with your belly, keeping it snug as you tape. (a half-width tape 12-14 inches long will work for securing the tail end. Be sure it's securely attached to the *****, especially if you plan to use a lubricant later on, but avoid damages lingerie and synthetics!). Now go get those intimates on, you hot little *****!
Keep in mind that if you intend to have a partner's **** snaking its way into and through it, it needs to be smooth without edges if you want him to stay in the mood. The more realistic it looks & feels, the better the sex, right?


- Jakki
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OMGosh Ms. Jakki, this is fabulous dear. Thanks for sharing!