Yes, I Tuck Too

I too have tucked my shirt in my underwear since school days. It was common then but now is much rarer. It would be great if more people would do it because I love seeing glimpses of waistband from other guys who tuck as well as the sensation of tucking myself. It is a real turn-on for me too. I have enjoyed looking at pics of other tuckers on the internet, especially on Flickr in the 'Tucked in Underwear' Group. I hope this group attracts more stories and experiences. I can share more too, but would love to hear from others.
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5 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Let me tell naughty things my girl does on me. She has a fascination with undressing me. She will take off my tie, shirt, vest and pants leaving me with my undies(white briefs), shoes socks and specs….! I have to be in this uniform till bed time. It feels soo self conscious now that I have put on some weight and not as skinny as I used to be……….

I started tucking my shirt inside my underpants in winter as it kept me warmer, but find it so comfortable, and easy to adjust my crown jewels, thaty I do it all year round now. I do not deliberately show my underpants but I am sure they do rise above my jeans at times. Nobody mentions it, so they obviously don't care!

I tucked my polo shirt in my jockey y front when going for work. I bought a bit bigger size of brief so it wont stretch the waistband too much.<br />
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I catch some men in my office having a quick glimpse on my waistband and that excites me.

great to hear from a young guy who tucks and to learn that a few others of the same age tuck too. Lets hope more will try it out. Do you ever show off the waistband of your briefs or do you keep your tucking discreet?<br />
I'd love to hear more

I have jockey y fronts too but also midi-style briefs with no fly from sloggi and m&s. Look forward to hearing more stories from you. I'm wearing black m&s briefs today with a dark red dress shirt tucked in and the black waistband with a blue stripe showing.