My Best Friend's Sister

I had never thought about girls tucking their shirts inside their panties until the day I sat next to my best friends sister when I went for a meal one evening. I think part of it was that I had no interest in girls other than as friends and as it happens Helen was one of my best friends - she knew I was gay - I had just realised and told her a few weeks earlier. Anyhow we are sat down and eating and as she leans forward at the table I saw she had an inch or so of white panty over her school skirt and he school shirt tucked well inside them. I thought this was horny - for some reason I had never thought girls may tuck. IT made sense really - her brother tucked and so did her Dad - not sure about her Mum. Once Ibegan looking she never let me down and I always got a glimpse of her panties - and now and again a sniff of her worn ones in the wash basket in the bathroom!
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Jul 16, 2010