A Lifetime Of Tucking

I remember at school seeing that a lot of the boys tucked their school shirts into their white underpants. I had never done this but I liked the look of it and started to do it myself. I'm not sure quite when it became a turn-on but I remember 'playing around' with with some of the other boys and I seemed to enjoy it most when we were both tucked in. So that's how it started and the feeling has gone on ever since. After my school and college days the fashion in underwear changed. First the arrival of tiny bikini briefs and then later the loose boxers which didn't seem to lend themselves to tucking and I think most guys stopped. I didn't do much sport so didn't get into many changing rooms but I stuck to my briefs and kept tucking and always enjoyed speculating whether guys tucked or not and enjoyed the occasional flash of waistband from those who did.

It would be good to hear from others who tuck now or who used to and find out their thoughts and feelings. Is it just a fashion thing or does it have a sexual element?
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I do it all the time and yes it reminds me of messing around with the other boys at school.I'm actually wearing school uniform as I write and my white shirt is tucked into my y-fronts under my short,grey trousers.

Definitely a sexual element, Tim - though I suspect when it comes down to particulars we all have our favorite way of presenting our interest, our favorite of what we like to see. It's just reassuring to know there ARE still fellows interested in tucking.<br />
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Seems like the old guys nearly all tucked (their undershirts, anyway) - which were accomodated by the baggy, tall-rise trousers of the 1930's through 1950's. Then, in the 1960's clothes became very close and tailored, undershirts were out, and underwear became, as you described, very brief. Only recently have boxers been a fad - and these days youth go out of their way to hide in their clothes with oversized t-shirts. There is a 'ghetto' element that tucks an undershirt/vest into baggy boxer shorts, but it's rare and less in fashion these days, I think.<br />