I Can't Help It

When I drink I get horny and I sleep with anyone that is available. Once I spent two weeks on the beaches of San Diego going to bars, drinking and screwing all night and day. I woke up one morning in a house on the beach, I had no idea how I got there so I went down stairs and found guys passed out all over the house. There was a couple of other women but judging by the look of the wet spot I woke up in and the soreness between my legs I was the main attraction.
I found my clothes and purse, minus my panties and called a taxi. I was filthy and must have reeked of booze, sex and smoke so when the cab pulled up I had him roll down the window. I looked in my purse and only found a few dollars. I told him how much I had and where I had to go. He said that would take me about half way.
His halfway turned out to be a stretch down by the beach in a parking lot. He said we could work something out for the rest of the ride and while I was tired and sore I got into the front seat and gave him a BJ. It tasted bad on a hung over mouth but it got me home.
My husband was waiting and he asked where I had been. I told him as much as I remembered and what happened that morning. Later I got a call from the guy that owned the house. He had picked me up and I had agreed to "pull a train" at his house.
He told me he watched 20 guys go into the room and the last one told him I had passed out before he could get on me but did it anyway.
He also said I allowed them to take pictures and asked if I wanted them. I told him my email and he sent them, I looked so drunk and like such a tramp but my husband really liked looking at them. I know they where posted on the Internet but I don't care.
I am drinking right now and getting ready to go out, wonder what will happen tonight?
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4 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Wow..... I'd love to see those pics...... Moreso, I'd love to be around you when ure drunk!!

Sounds like you had your fill of protein that night. . . Would love to see you

You know where those photos are posted? We'd love the link!!!!!

You little ****. I would love to run a train on you with some of my buddies. Especially if we tied your husband to a chair and made him watch.