Reading And Talking About Sex Turns Me On

I love to read real sex stories I havent got the chance to talk about sex with another person yet so what I only have done is read very good sex stories wich turns me un on sometimes i even ********** to this stories but they have to rrally sound real.I think to talk about sex would be better
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46-50, M
5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

just be upfront that you want sexting and at the very most phone calls. There are plenty of people out there that LOVE to sext. You will find someone who will play with you online. :)

thanks for your comments ill try it

Post to the pesonals ... on any of the websites you frequent. Ask for erotic email only relationship. Make it clear from the beginning that you have no interest in contact. It's easy for me to get the authenticity of my desire for no contact across since my adoration of my wife just flows so naturally from me.

I dont know why but I cant get hold of one can you give me any idea how to I am not shure if tis bad luck or what

You'll find some one .. You can PM me for advice anytime.

thanks I will have it mind hope to do it pretty soon

Yes it is! I've made a few pen pal girl friends to talk about sex with and it is very erotic. Try asking a lady for an erotic email only relationship.