And I Couldn't Be Happier. :)

We started off as.. I don't think you could even class us as friends. We hardly spoke. We then started having the occasional conversation, but it never lasted that long. He was always nice to me, but i wasn't convinced about him - I'm not sure why. Gradually, we got to the stage where i saw him as a friend. Not a good friend, but still, a friend. Our conversations stayed the same for a few months, we went into just enough detail, asked relevant questions and said goodnight. I assumed we'd be that way for the rest of the time that we knew each other. But then I was having some problems at home, due to my being the typical stroppy teenager. :') We started talking more often, and he helped me out a lot. I felt like i could really open up to him. Between our phones and computers, we spoke for near enough 3 straight days, without ever running out of things to talk about. By then, i knew that i was starting to really, really like him. We agreed that he would drive a 4 and a half - 5 hour journey to come and visit me one afternoon. That was yesterday, and was also my first kiss. He's coming back in a week. :) I'm so, so happy now that we know how we feel about each other, and i'm so glad we didn't stick with our limited conversations. :)
Leaaah Leaaah
Aug 20, 2010