I Miss You So Much C

I was working with this woman who is very smart and kind natured but some men used to take advantage of her kind giving nature, and i thought she was stupid for letting them, i always knew she would be moving a 1000k's away in 6 months. After about 2 & 1/2 months we had an argument one lunchtime about religion, i was standing up for my right of freedom from christian religious holidays, and i stupidly insulted her catholic beliefs and my comment hurt her deeply, she was furious and stormed out. I saw how much i had hurt her and knew i had to appologize as soon as i could and i did, she said it would take some time but she forgave immediatly. That day we became friends and as the days turn into weeks we became closer and closer, we always worked and had lunch together. About 3 weeks before she was to leave we were working together and because of some family problems she was feeling unpretty and unappreciated and i said to her that is not true you are pretty, you are beautiful, kind, giving, smart and as i was talking she started to glow and had a beaming smile on her face, and i saw her true nature for the first time and everything i said to her was the truth, she just radiated beauty, i said you are the most amazing beautiful woman i have ever met, The way she looked at me was exhilerating, what had started out as boosting a friends morale became something so much more. We fell in love that day, we became so close that when we stood or sat next to each other we would be so close together our arms and legs would be touching but she was going away so we never spoke of our feelings, i could not do that to her, she had to go, i did not want her to leave with a relationship developing. It was so hard to say goodbye to her, i cried, i'm crying now writing this, i miss you so much C.
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This story has a happy ending.