Time Capsule

We had met in a different life, long, long ago. Then we grew up and out, and we lost touch. There was no reason to drift, but it was one of those things about life; it happens. It's no one's fault, there is no remorse, and no regret ...

...until you hook up again, and you wonder how did I not know...? How had I been looking for this person, not realizing they lived in my past. Why did I not seek that person out? How did I not know how wonderful this person is?

It happened, and we're back together again. Weird, that it's like opening a note to my younger self, a sort of living time capsule. We have fallen into each other. True, all those experiences we had without each other might not have forged a strong friendship. We were different people, but somehow ended up walking that road that led us back to each other.

Once again, no regret, and no remorse.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

the1960texan, and whatever happens between us now, hopefully no regret or remorse about that, too. :)

good story

I aint scared.