Things That Turn Me On About A Woman - Read :)

I love women period, my husband doesn't even mind, which is great because I talk about women & he doesn't get jealous. Needless to say, my hubby is amazing and I love him with all my heart. But he respects my attraction to females. Anyways here we go,
1) SEXY EYES - Omg, If a girl has sexy eyes I swear I don't care about anything else, you will hypnotize me & I'll be your slave for sure lol
2) NICE ROUND BOOTY - I love big booty *******, but nice booties, not those nasty celulite type, hell naw. I like round soft *****, I can grab, squeeze, bite mmmm. Turning me on just typing this. LOL
3) SEXY NIPPLES - I love a girl with big *******, even if she don't have big ******* is straight if she has super sexy small perky nipples ;)
4) BEAUTIFUL SMILE - I love a lady with a sexy smile, nice pearlies lol.
5) SEXY PERFUME - I love a woman that smells sexy as ****, that makes me want to get her naked right quickk
6) DRESSES SEXY & SLUTTY AT THE SAME TIME - I love a woman who isin't afraid to shw what her momma gave her, lol but I also like for her to look classy makes me want her sexy *** more. If you show me a little bit, mmm. But not everthing . Don't look like a total ***** tho, unless we in bed ;)
That's bout it ladies. hope ya'll like it. Leave me love sexy bitchess <3

Much Love - Layla
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Check out my wife photos. She never had a problem attracting partners of either sex. She told me once that the softness of another woman's body was a big turn-on.

I have the same taste in women as you do. Being Thai I also love white skinned girls and black skinned girls. I have had planty of Asian women and would love a change.

Fabulous sweetie