My Lucky Number 3

These are a series of events which defy logical and scientific explanation. So let me tell you what these events were.

1 I was with 2 of my friends having coffee whe one of them saw three twenty dollar bills on the sidewalk,He picked them up and gave to me and my other friend the other 20 dollar bills. 3 bills for three people

2 One day I was thinking about Eisenhaur dollar coins. The next week I received 3 of them in change.

3 Two other times I got three sodas for the price of one from a vending machine

4 A friend of mine tossed up a hard pack of cigarettes. Three times they landed upright but the fourth time did not.

5. This event was the most amazing of all. My friend tossed a pen at the edge of a brown shopping bag and the clip caught it three times in a row!!

The last event has shown me that there is something that exists beyond this so called logical world. How long would it take you to duplicate this event? And combined with the other events of the number 3 defies explanation. It just goes to say that our left brained word cannot the end of all things

If anyone has had experiences which defy logic I would love to here from you.
TutmoseIII TutmoseIII
66-70, M
May 6, 2012