A Thunderstorm During Jubilee

So, we have got a quite old town. Bielsko-Biala is connected with two historically separated towns. The biggest successes of both town have written in the history. But where was some kind of very dangerous whiles. Our part was historically Polish. Bielsko was German.History governec that main Tawb Hall of connected towns is an old Town Hall of Biala.This is a renescance biulding, established in 19th Century. So, in 1997 there was a jubilee of this. As usual, there was a big number of guests. We had got a concert, church service and festival meeting of our City Council. All of them was finished by fireworks show. But...there was a thunderstorm, which mixed itself among shots of fireworks. Nobody turned off his domestic devices. It was also start of mobile telephony expansion, so there transceivers on the roof. Everybody know that devices are extremely easy purpose of a lightening. Suddeny, all of our settle leavers were waken-up by huge explosion and flash. What has happened??? A lightening hit into the highest building, when there were transceivers. Next 2 days we have no active phones. radio and tv antennas. After some days it spread out that all TV-Sets in this flat block was smashed by this lightening and, probably sb. was killed. I do not know why. I suppose because of electric shock or heart stroke because of frightening determined by a noise.
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Nov 17, 2011