Been Caught Doing It

I'll just be sitting there thinking about a paper, project or something. When my hand goes up to my hair and I start twirling the end around my index finger.

Family, coworkers and friends will come up and say "What are you doing?" My answer is usually "Nothing why?"

Then they say something like, "You're twirling your hair like a girl." Well, really. I don't know why they add that 'like a girl', guess it's added emphasis cause the first part kinda says it all. I think.

So yes I do. I don't realize I'm doing it. And It's okay that I do it ... so bug off.  '-)

Find something real to talk about.

Josie06 Josie06
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5 Responses Oct 14, 2008

I twirl my hair all the time also--always have--usually-right behind my left ear-do it when I'm excited, nervous, whimsical-guess everything.

KinkyFlower, I guess since you're a natural and I'm not the extra phrase is needed ... but as I said they need to find something real to talk about.<br />
<br />
fiery, why is it so many don't like seeing someone play with their hair? Surely they have some too ... to go play with that is. '-)

idk, no one really says anything to me about it "like a girl" or anything...but my family tells me to stop it all the time lol

Why is this such a fright or whatever for folks. Nothing better to talk about I guess.

i've been known to do this a LOT myself lol