I Was Lucky To Have Joined Twitter At The Right Time And Followed The Right People

Things seem to be better if you join early on.  And I believe this is the case with Twitter.  I'm what is considered an "Early Adopter" so I do test out new platforms.

I joined about a year and a half ago or so and somehow followed the right person(s), one in particular who was good at gathering people together and teaching us how to use Twitter.  Things just branched out for me from there.  I manually follow people, chat with people, etc.  I manually use Twitter for business purposes.

Here are some of the benefits and experiences I've received from being on Twitter:
  • Found and connected with some amazing and powerful people that launched my use and experience of Twitter
  • Learned some amazing and powerful lessons from the right people
  • Discovered that Twitter is a gold mine of very influencial people that you won't find elsewhere.  But like a gold mine, you have to dig and sift to find them
  • Discovered that there is an "Art" to using Twitter
  • Discovered some amazing blogs and stories by being on Twitter
  • My business sales go up when I'm active on Twitter
  • I have learned so many amazing things by listening to people on Twitter that I've lost count
  • I have been able to search and discover the most current and relevant information I need to know
  • Twitter is the best place on the internet to find and make business connections
  • I have connected with very influencial people on Twitter and the value I've received from this is absolutely priceless
  • It's the perfect social network for business owners and bloggers
  • I've saved lots of money by following wise money savers on Twitter
  • I've read the most HALARIOUS comments and stories on Twitter
  • It's an amazing classroom (if you are following the right people
There's lots more.... I will try to come back and update with more points and experiences

These are some misunderstandings and/or cons to being on Twitter:
  • Twitter cannot be fun or beneficial unless one learns how to use it
  • Spammers can follow you (but they are easily blocked)
  • Drama and twitter fights can break out that's unpleasant to watch
  • Lots of female drama queens are on Twitter (I just unfollow or block them once I figure out who they are)
  • People can ignore you and not respond to you
  • It's highly unlikely to make close friendships on Twitter
I'm @wordsforliving on Twitter also - http://twitter.com/wordsforliving

Here's a funny video about it:


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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Same, I started back in 2007. I love it even now. :)

@samanthastacia I am trying but i dont see how twitter helps your business and how to find the "right" people

I've never understood twitter