I Love Twitter

I was unfamiliar with all things computer and internet related because I did not own a computer or work either a computer until a couple of years ago. Myspace and blogging were all foreign concepts to me so I felt more comfortable just staying away...

 That was until I started blogging. For some reason I took blogging right away and decide quickly that I would do that I wanted to blog professionally. If course that lead to me to sites like Myspace and Twitter but at first I did not get.

I learned to appreciate blogging on Myspace but Twitter seemed superficial and stupid. That was until I deiced to look at Twitter as a tool to promote my blog and to learn how to use it. I followed 10 lessons out of a 30 day challenge and it opened up my Twitter world.

Now Twitter is so much more to me than promotions. It is my means to meet, network and befriend talented and like minded people. I share songs and sites that I love and I am always aware of what the hot or popular topics are.

To get to know me better please follow me http://twitter.com/LLnL and I will follow you back.

How do you feel about Twitter? Does it help you or is it just a form of entertainment?

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4 Responses Jul 1, 2009


It is both to me. I follow people whose interests are the same as mine and I get to know new info way before anybody else - who are not on Twitter. You get a lot of inside info on Twitter.<br />
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It's very entertaining because these people are also very sharp and witty. It's amazing how much I can learn from them - they challenge you on a daily basis. I am really grateful toward my friend who got me to start a Twitter account.<br />
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I'm checking out your account now and take a look at your blog :)

Thank you : )

Exactly. Well said.