Same Dream Every Night!!!

 I keep dreaming about my ex-husband with other women every night. Pete was the love of my life he and I met and both told our parents we were going to marry one another.The relationship started out to be the most amazing and loving relationship I have ever had. To make along story short I found out Pete had a huge drug problem with Methamphetamine. I tried every thing to get him help but his anger turned to rage and he became a diff rent person. We got engaged three weeks after we met and 2years later after many brake ups we eloped.He told me he had stopped using and I believed him. On our wed dding night I found a large amount of the drug in his tuxedo pocket. I THREW IT OUT! that was not O.K. of course with Pete. We ended our marriage three months later. I was apart from him almost a year and thought about him every second . After many unanswered calls I took his phone call and I met up with him. That was the night our daughter was conceived. Pete did not care anymore about hiding his addiction and I told him that with our child in my belly he had to get clean or we could not raise her together.I love his family and we both come from upper class families monetarily but his would not ad mitt to his problem. My family said that I would be disowned If I did not leave him for good until he got himself the help he needed. I have raised our daughter on my own for 41/2 years. Pete has never met her and I never asked for child support because he always thought people only liked or loved him for his money and most importantly I promised our daughter apron leaving him I would keep her safe and would give her the best life I could and welcome her daddy in her life after he has  become sober. I have not had a relationship since and I hear he got engaged then broke it off.I have never loved a man more and  my daughter LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM(STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL)!!!.She is a true angel and I wish with all my heart he realizes this and gets sober not only for himself but our little girl.   I dream of him with other women every night and I am always crying and begging for him to be with my daughter and me. In the dreams he always runs from me and laughs this insane laughter.I watch him kiss and hug these random women and can't stop him my arms can't move like they are paralyzed. Please help me with this dream or NIGHTMARE.

All my best,



Twylanne Twylanne
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

It appears to me that you have already accepted the fact that he isn't going to change. The dream from what I read and I am only basing on what I see. I read that you two loved one another very much and he had a serious problem with drugs. Because you had hoped for him to stop and get help ddin't pan out, it was a huge let down on you and your child. Sadley to say, drug addiction is like Alcohol. Once you have been bitten by this addiction, it will always stay with you for the rest of your life. <br />
The danger I see is that your daughter could end up being subjected to this even if he is clean.<br />
being a dad myself to 6 beautiful girls, I would want to do anything I could to keep them safe.<br />
I also noticed the hurt you have been through Lanne and it bothers me how anyone could choose drugs over a loving woamn, it happens but it still baffles me. <br />
Don't worry about this dream you are having, the thing is you are dealing with alot, trying to raise a beautiful child and try to make sense of a bad situation. You did the right thing in order to protect your child, she must come first above everything else.<br />
One word of advice, when the time comes where you find another love and it will be unique from the first because the person is different and your love will be more mature. Do this for the sake of you, try not to look for a daddy for your daughter. Even if he is lost in his addiction, he is her father