Tying Rebecca's Boyfriend Up For Her Revenge

We hope you like Rebecca, this is one my mates girlfriends.
Well this story starts with me and my girlfriend Mandy in our
bedroom (please see my girlfriends Mandys pics Album)
we was having some naughty fun by the window, she was
just wearing her pink panties and bra. I was stood behind
Mandy groping her **** and pushing my **** onto her ***.
When Mandy suddenly said is that your mates girlfriend
Kevin walking up, I looked and said yes, wonder what she
wants. Rebecca saw us by window as walked up, so I
opened window pushing my **** further into Mandy.

Anyway we said to Rebecca door's open come up. We
heard her coming up stairs and we was sat on bed
both feeling frustrated. She said had just split up with
her boyfriend and was feeling sad, so I cuddled her
and felt her lovely big **** pushing into me, which got
me very aroused. We suddenly heard our door go
and Max, Rebecca's boyfriend came up and saw
me and his girlfriend cuddling. What the **** you
*****, hey I said there's no need for that. Mandy
take Rebecca in other room, so she did and me
Max chatted, look nothings happening, Rebecca
just told her you split up. You was going **** her
don't tell me you wasn't, yea that's right I wasn't.
Max just wasn't calming down, Mandy came in
and told me what had happened. So Max it's
not Rebecca it's you that's been playing around
and got caught. Mandy had also told me that
Rebecca wanted revenge and what to do.

So I said sit in that chair Max now, he did and
I handcuffed him and called the girls back in to
the room. When they come back in Rebecca had
changed into white mini skirt, black panties, bra
and a tight white blouse. I looked at her and said
are you sure you want do this? Rebecca said yes,
she looked at Max for ******* my best friend all
these months, I'm now going **** your best friend.
No you can't, well looks like to me you got no choice
as your handcuffed. Kevin come here so I did and
sat down next to her on bed and she kissed me,
**** this I thought and kissed her back feeling her
melt into my body, god her **** felt good. As she
french kissed me , her hand went down to my ****
and rubbed me. Rebecca pulled away and said
Kevin your hard, yes, so? Mandy I said make sure
Max can see and doesn't drop head as I know and
believe Rebecca wants him to see everything.

You got that right Kevin, Rebecca said, as she undid
my jeans and my **** popped out, that's big Kevin,
Max look, as Mandy twisted his head so that he could
see. Rebecca went back to kissing me and grabbed
my **** slowly stroking me, as I undid her buttons and
slipped her blouse off, then next her bra. As I took
her bra off Rebecca pulled away and said your naughty
Kevin getting my **** out. As she pushed me onto bed
she went down and started sucking my ****, Max shouted
no Rebecca please. She ignored him and continued on
my ****, god she was a great **** sucker. Rebecca
knew what I wanted and after a few mins, she stopped
and said Kevin put your **** between my ****, I looked
at Mandy who was sat on chair playing with her *****.
Nodded to me, so I put my hard **** between her ****
and started ******* them, I soon shot my load on her ****.

I then ******** Rebecca naked and took the rest of my
clothes off after I cleaned her with towel, Mandy came
over but Rebecca couldn't see as I was kissing her
and playing with her ****. She started licking Rebecca
and she said who's that, so I moved and she saw Mandy
licking her *****. Oh **** Mandy, your making me wet,
as she continued licking her Rebecca stroked my ****
back to hardness. Mandy stopped and said she's ready
I went and looked, thanks sexy, as I fed Rebecca my ****
we looked at Max who was sat there watching, as I ******
his ex-girlfriend. Oh Kevin your so good, **** me harder
as she moaned, ooooo, aaaahhhh, yes just there Kevin,
just keep ******* m with your big ****. Sure sexy as I
looked at Rebecca's face **** Kevin, I'm commminggg,
yessss, as I pounded her harder, Oh Mandy he's good
thank you for letting Kevin **** me. Is he watching, yes
Mandy said he's watching you get ****** hard. Come
here Mandy she said and sit on my face, so she did
my god, Rebecca wanted to get him back good as
Mandy sat on Rebecca's face she looked at me and
smiled as she ground her ***** onto Rebecca's face
and she tongued her wet soaking *****, as I continued
******* Rebecca. This was to much, Mandy kept saying
**** her harder Kevin I'm going to come soon, so I
pumped faster and Mandy let out a scream oh yesssss,
Rebecca as she came in her mouth, this was to much,
and I moaned and grunted oh ****, I'm going to come
Rebecca, hold on Kevin I'm coming oh **** Rebecca
moaned. Rebecca oh **** here it comes as I erupted
deep inside of her *****.

Mandy unhandcuffed Max and said go, he looked at his
ex-girlfriends ***** leaking my come for the last time
and walked out. Rebecca was calming down from her
orgsam now and said thank you guys, We not finished
yet you know you can stay the night as Mandy got down
and licked my come from her *****, causing her to have
another orgsam. Mandy came up, ******** the rest her
clothes off and we got into bed for a fun night. Rebecca
now has a new boyfriend but with his consent she still
comes to me and lets me **** her.
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Such gorgeous women you have in your life....

I feel sorry for guys like Max. They miss out on so much..... I love watching the love of my life getting to enjoy such bliss. I'd even submit myself to be tied just to be able to watch.