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When i was at school there was no such thing as a pc .. it was proper hardcore typewriters a big clump of metal with only the basics keys, there was no screen to look at just the sheet of paper which i would be continously checking for my spelling mistakes oh it took some time to do a simple paragraph! but typing was one of my favourite lessons (i wasnt into the law of physics or equations) there was something satisfying about bashing away at them keys for a hour putting your words on paper. By the end of it my fingers would be aching but it was a novelty away from pen and paper!

Now we have the pc i couldn't imagine my life without it .. im always on it typing away .. just one more report work will say oh no i think i want to have some fun .. Maybe i could just check my inbox for those funny emails a well loved friend likes to send me or how long would it take to go on google an type out the question which is curiously wanting an answer at the back of my mind and wait ive been meaning to catch up with a story on EP of 'how i type alot' for sure it won't take long!

Thank heavens i say for being able to type for if i had to put pen to paper it would take forever and imagine not being able to take a word back without the stroke of a backward key .. thank you to Christopher Sholes the man who invented the typewriter for without you technology might not have come so far!

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Oh high school typing class ... that brings back memories. We did have a few modern electric typewriters, including the most modern IBM's with the little ball. My favorite was the electric model when if you held a key down it sounded like a machine gun, I think it was featured in "You've Got Mail". You got caught playing machine gun on those typewriters you were assigned one of those gray one ton machines that took 200 lb's of finger pressure to press the keys. <br />
<br />
It was a fun glass with correction paper and the kit that you needed to buy at the beginning of the year to learn on how to type on different forms.<br />
<br />
Those were the days. lol :)

I remember how inhibited I felt about writing before there was spell check & copy n paste.<br />
It was so frustrating everytime I made a mistake & needed to try to cover it up with snowpake.<br />
I find it much easier now to be creative & express myself.

I relate to your post. I graduated Journalism school in 1976. The typewriters were heavy metal! lol It took some time for me to pick up speed along with accuracy, but I compare it to playing an old acoustic guitar to an electric. Always thought about collecting old typewriter machines.....thanx for the memory