My record speed was 74 WPM. But that was 7 years ago. A program said I typed extremely fast and it was three digits and not two! I don't think it was working correctly. How can I type over 200 WPM unless its very simple words? I type slow if I'm just writing up something. But if I get pissed off I type very fast. The other night I had a friend over and I was playing Texas Hold'em on PC while he was telling me what to say to this girl in a messenger. Typing it all out fast while still looking at the game. lol He said he was glad I was typing all this out.

Years ago in school we had a paper on the board of our WPM. This girl was fighting to take my first place and she did, then I took it back, then she did... then I did again, then she beat me. Cheater! lol Didn't have enough time was end of school. Glad I can type fast.


Intel Intel
36-40, M
Sep 23, 2008