Making the Same Mistakes....

over and over....

I've just noticed how I've a tendency to type "W" when intending to type "S" -- and vice versa.  Datura burned me on this a couple of weeks ago when I meant to type "why" and I typed "shy."  It was hillarious!

On a different note completely, late last spring when the snapping turtles were making their perilous journey to bury their fertilized eggs in soft sandy ground, and I was getting blitzed with all sorts of messages from a much higher power, I got an e-mail from a friend with a profound typo.  He closed his note with what he had meant as "Good speaking to you", however, he left out an "o" and it read "God speaking to you."  I was floored.


juan1966 juan1966
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

It was an hilarious exchange, Juan, particularly since it involved a slightly off color remark about an avatar that was at about a 5th grade level, and you trying to say that is why you used it, but it coming out that was shy you used it! Sometimes Freudian slips are very eloquent in their subconscious symbolism! And I've been meaning to ask if you were shy as a child!<br />
<br />
But the e-mail with the phrase "God speaking to you" coming on the heels of events that you knew were message from a higher power is really, really cool. I love it when that sort of thing happens. I keep a notebook of such happenings so I don't forget or try to convince myself that it was nothing.

Some would say "there are no accidents."