Life Is Demanding Without Understanding.

I have recently become very frustrated that I am simply not that attractive. The reason this upsets me is especially because when there is something else about me I don't like, I work hard to fix it. If I am shy, I work towards being outgoing. If I am loud and obnoxious, I work towards being sweet and thoughtful. If I have poor posture, I work on strengthening my muscles and focusing on sitting up straight. So, why then, should I just have to accept that I'm unattractive and leave it at that?
I already wear makeup but minimal. I really want to learn about a way to find out how to enhance my appearance. I know it can be done as we all know celebrities don't look the way we know them to look. Someone who can just teach me a little more about makeup and how to highlight my features. I've already watched a ton of youtube videos but I need someone to look at my own self and tell me how to be pretty so that at the very least, I can know that I worked my hardest on this aspect of me, too.
Any tips?
LifeAsISeeIt LifeAsISeeIt
26-30, F
Feb 20, 2013