Silent Screams Of Fear

I was on the phone for the longest time tonight speaking with a friend who I have ome to know and respect. and this person shared somthing that even Steven King wold cringe over. BAsically this proves that with every action that is take, always exspect a reaction, casue and effect. This person whom I revere as a confidant and friend, who showed me what trust meant to this person considering the background. Now I went to this web sight I was asked to go to and going from the beginning the flood gate opened up, what I read created a real fear in me and being obsorbed into it as if I was standing there witnessing the horror, the hate the need for control. I know I ahve written stories based on things related to this subject, but to read it as if I was in the past trukly opened my eyes and gave me a whole new sense of understanding where this person came from and also proved to me how strong this person is today. You will never really know a person until you exsprienced wht they ahve gone through and i will never assume anhything like this again. To make it short, I will say this, when you hear a silent cry, don't ignore it becvause they are crying out for you for help. people have it in them to do great things and by doing the most simplest of things for those who are hurting, you have a chance to realluy shine.

It doesn't matter what the nature nof the beast is, step in and stand by who ever needs you

thanks for reading and taking it to heart
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rh feeling is greatley mutual

thanks to all, pass thison to all of your friends ok?<br />
lets get the words out

Bravo!!! I do this every chance i get .

fo sho :)

Thank you Alexis, I am hoping that by puttingthis out to those who can help, it will also nring thoe who need the help to us who do listen to the silent cries.We would be just asguilty if we ignored it.<br />
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thank yo for reding this

Thank you for posting this story! Often times, we forget that even the people who inspire us the most are just human beings also trying to figure out their place in the world.