Audrey And Uncle Bob

I told you about Uncle Bob's first visit, when Audrey would go to Bob's bedroom as soon as I left for work at 6;30 in the morning and enjoy his body for a couple of hours. Well it's a month later and he was coming again. I was a little bit jealous but also excited that she would have another man in the house again, because it made our sex life so much better. He arrived the evening the next day and we had a pleasant time  together before going to bed. The next morning before work Audrey and I were having a coffee together before I went to work and I asked her what they had scheduled for the day. She smiled at me and said as soon as you gone sweetheart I'll sneak into his room and under his sheet and start sucking his penis while he's still sleeping. I love that because it's soft and small and I can feel it grow in my mouth as he wakes up. By the time he's awake it will be standing straight up and then I'll straddle him and sink him all the way into me. I can enjoy him for a long time like that because it take a long time for him to ***. before he **** we change positions and enjoy making love for a long time and then we shower together.  So think of me when your driving to work Baby. I thought about them all day long.

When I got home from work Uncle Bob was watching tv and Audrey was in the kitchen. He got up when I came in. Audrey was wearing a long white t-shirt and I could tell she had nothing on underneath it. Hi darling she said. Did you have a good day? I said not bad, how about you guys? Oh, I have a surprise for you she said. she stood facing me and lifted her t-shirt. It was amazing, she was shaved clean around her vagina area. I had never seen her like that before. She said Uncle Bob thought you might like it and he is an expert barber don't you think. Come and have close look. I kneeled down in front of her and could could smell the cologne on her. I kissed her and ran my tongue between her legs and into her vagina, so smooth and delicious. I think he likes it said Uncle Bob. I kept it up for a few minutes and then stood back to look at her. She was beautiful. I said I loved it and I want her to take off her shirt and just be naked while we eat at our glass table in the sun room.  She remained naked until we went to bed. She said  she would be sleeping with me every night and  just join Uncle Bob in the morning because he prefers his sex in the morning after a good rest. After all he's quite a bit older than us. We had the best sex ever that night and we all did for the rest of the week. Audrey said to us that two men would be perfect for a woman like her.

The day after he left I came home from work and it seemed strange not to see them both. Audrey thanked me for being so understanding about her love of older men. Then she came up with another surprise. Uncle Bob has invited me to come and visit him for a week next month she said. The reason is that he has a close friend in the same situation he is in. His wife passed away a few years ago and he has not been with a woman since. He wants me to come to his place so I can make Carl as happy as I've made him. Isn't he sweet. He said I have changed his whole outlook on life. He said he would send me a ticket for a return flight to Vancouver and I'll only be gone for about 10 days. Do you think you can be alone for that long. What could I say? Everything had been arranged and my groin stirred just thinking about her with these two men for over a week. She reached down and felt my hardness and said thank you darling, I love you. I'll be leaving this weekend and I'll tell you all about it when I get back. I dread the time alone, but feel very happy for Audrey. I'm going to ask her to take her camera and hopefully have some pictures when she returns. That will be a story for later.  



wally690 wally690
61-65, M
Feb 19, 2010