"PRIME Software" Scam.....

 A man contacted me from a company claiming to be "Prime Software" out of Finland, or one of those European Countries. He said his name was Stephen T. Reynolds. I had my Resumé posted on the internet, and he said I had the perfect qualifications for the "Customer Service" position they were looking for candidates for. He sent me a link to the "Prime Software" site, and it looked like a great opportunity. Describing all types of "Payment Platforms" that they used, one including WESTERN UNION. He explained the position, what the job entailed, then asked for one REALLY weird thing. NO personal info, just that I open a bank account for direct deposit for weekly training, which would take 4 weeks, and I would be paid $500 weekly for on-line training by direct deposit into this account, then I would be placed with a Telecommunications company in my area within 5 days after finishing the "training."

So, I set up the bank account. He then told me he had found me a "Manager" by the name of Tim Van Holland. We had Internet exchanges on the "start training" date for about 2 weeks. 

But, on the final day of "start training, he told me they would be depositing $18,500 into my bank account, and I had to "Practice" using Western Union. Told me how to go about everything, using forms, etc. He wanted to know how long it would take to get to my bank, then get to Western Union from my bank, and it all had to be done in a certain amount of time. (This was supposed to be a 2-day "initial" training thing, then I would have 3 more weeks of training.) I was told the WHOLE training for the company would be 20 days, but this was the ONLY 2 days that I had to peg down times for the "Western Union Practice".

Anyhow, Things seemed just a little too weird at this point, so, on a hunch, I contacted the Illinois FBI and questioned them about the whole situation. They told me "CLOSE THAT BANK ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY!!!" Fortunately, it was the day before the whole transaction was supposed to take place. My girlfriend is VERY SMART, and was the one who SUGGESTED I contact the FBI. It ONLY took them 10 minutes to get back!

FBI said, this is how it works....

The guy deposits 18,000+ into your account via check, it looks to Western Union like that money is in there, you wire it DIRECTLY to a source they want you to send it to (which takes 2 days to post and clear the check,) but the crooks "stop payment" on the check before it clears their account, and YOU are held LIABLE for that amount, which YOU sent from YOUR OWN account through your bank. They walk with YOUR MONEY, which you have to pay back to the bank....

This guy had made 2 small deposits of like $.21 cents and $.30 cents into my newly opened account about a week before this happened, and wanted to know the order that they came in, the exact amounts, and the grand total of his deposit. At the time, I could only see the $.50 cents deposited, since my posts take some time. He made one call to my cell phone (heavy European accent,) and made it very clear that he needed to know the exact amounts deposited separately.

I e-mailed him and told him "Sorry, I got in touch with the FBI in regards to your HUGE transfer request, and they told me to close the account IMMEDIATELY." His E-mail back to me was, "Leigh, are you Mad?!" I e-mailed him back, "No, I'm not Mad. Actually, I'm perfectly SANE, and I bet you're MAD, as in "Irate, pissed as HELL" that I didn't fall for your SCAM!

I haven't heard a word from these clowns SINCE! That was only 2 days ago, but I'm sure they've gotten quite a few people with this one...BEWARE of Interntet scams! Now they're targeting Sites like Monster and Career Builder!

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i must congratulate you.pls spread this story round.i hate to think these crooks may eveb be my countrymen.fbi should have set a bait for them.