Playing In The Sun

My Fiance was the sexiest most beautifull woman I'd ever ecountered in my life, real or TV. She is the most erotic, sexy woman Iv ever known, well she loved her fake ****, and although she was not skinny, she had a great Betty Boop body. I loved her with all I had, and I could tell she wanted to be seen when she sun bathed, and wanted my friends and others to notice her big fake boobs, and it didnt hurt she was the hottest chick on the beach. Well I knew she wanted me bo Ok with it, and I wanted her to be pleased, so I decieded if I was to keep her, I'd have to be willing to make her feel over the top erotic. So when others at our camp where at the waters edge, a 50yrds away, I'd bang her under her suit, and make sure she could see others had been paying attention as I did, her eyes where closed while I made her ***, but then when she opened her eyes she could see, folks where looking and trying not to be seen doing so. Well then I would have her lay back in her beach lounger, and I would pull her suit up inside her ***** and make a clear and perfect camel toe. She would get so hot, and couldnt tell me enough how sexy it made her feel, and how she loved me, and was so excited by my confidence. Well there was a fella who had a great body, I mean every womans wish, he was perfect, and she watched him a lot. well Joe was the fellas name, and I had him come over for a drink just about dusk. I knew him well, and as he stood talking and telling stories, I had Trish in front of my we where standing, I had her right foot up on the picknick bench, and she was still in her bathing suit. I put my hands clearly down her bathing suit and as Joe talked Trish closed her eyes every few seconds as I would push a finger inside her, or bring her just about to climax with my finger on her ****. She was so wet, I mean she was a squirter, and she came buckets but her ***** was dripping wet, I could in no way after make her this wet, she was so far that I pulled up her top and said Joe, have you seen Trishes boob job, he was shocked, and I said play with em bro' she's not shy, she loves it! Joe did put his hands on them and I gave him a wink and he grabbed her nipples and squeezed hard, as Trish layed her head back against me and her leggs got weak, I flicked her **** and she loudly began to *** I motioned to Joe to suck her tities he did, and Trish collapsed and came and shook and quiviered untill she was imbareassed, and turned and kissed me as hot as I'v ever dreamed of being kissed and said nice to meet you Joe but my man is gonna take me now, and maybe we'll see you around. She ****** me like I'v never been laid in my life, and I'v had a few lucky **********, they didnt compare. I recomend this stuff.
ozzfreeman ozzfreeman
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Well I guess if you could be here in MO we could find out. Thanks for input yall

Thats the way you treat a lady, ozz. She's lucky to have such a giving guy