Understanding And Understood

I understand what the other member of this group is trying to say, because of my pride and ego I allowed to block the true me.  The person who should realize I'm not perfect,that would be god, my lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinners and have choosen to change.  I'm allowed to make mistakes that is how we grow nad learn.  And not to be embarrased or feel hurt or humility from mistakes is growing.  Humility, being humble is not only nesscessary, but crucial to being in touch with god, others, and ourselves.  To swallow my pride has tooken some effort and still becomes a daily chore. If I am to connect with Christ it is an obedience that I must endure.  Once I got over the humps it seems silly to have sit and stirred in my own pride.  Everyone makes mistakes its if we learn from and change those mistakes.

ann9265 ann9265
41-45, F
Mar 11, 2010