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While I have big respect for many different ways of life out there I do not understand what Asexual means, would someone like to educate me? 

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I don't want a wiki article I wanted to hear it first hand

It annoys me when people do not know what they are describing. "Celebate" should not be used when describing asexuality. Celebacy is a choice, whereas asexuality isn't. As as for you, Chalucha, asexuals are not people who have been abused (as you were hinting), that's a different thing all together, more like a sex phobia even. Asexuals can enjoy the touch of another human, heck some even have sex for their partners.Asexuals are not people whom hate themselves, and they are male asexuals as well. You need to show more respect and knowledge on this before you post something silly like that Chalucha!

well women are far more likely to run into those circumstances so its understandable. The first asexual person I met was female

Asexual would mean Abstinence from sexuality. A person, man or woman, might have gone through certain unwanted, undesirabable circumstances,events in life and those events haunt that person all the time. That is the time when a person becomes asexual. Asexual is forced celibacy. Hornyman2010 is right, Asexual person does not even like the touch of another human. Mostly asexual persons hate themselves and therefore they have lost the ability to appreciate even the warmest human approach. The surprising thing is that most of the asexual persons I know, are women and not men.

I Like the "Idea" -Asexual" and if "everyone in this world adopt this idea, The world may itself is a "Heaven" people to live; Spread it and see the fun

Ty sir, very interesting life style

It is when you are not sexually attacted to either sex and you do not like to have sex and to some extremes an Asexual my not even like being touched by either sex some just prefer cuddles and thats it. But you can still have a relationship with someone without the intimacy and sex. You are now educated

ah well then yeah, I can definitely respect that. It sounds like a very stress-free way to get through life

ah now see thats a lot closer to how I saw it. Someone who is absolutely content with just themselves in any matter

The way I understand it. Is A Person that would rather be Celibate. Not interested in anything to do with another person on sexual bases in life. No attractions to anyone else for sexual purposes.

haha ok then

I don't know, not sure how to explain what I thought.

like what? attracted to themself? that's not right.

really? i thought it meant something way different... interesting.

Asexual means someone who isn't sexually attracted to another person. They can still experience romantic love though.