Understanding Binary...

As someone who has to read packet traces, I not only understand base2, but I also understand base 8, 10, 16, and just about any other base variant.  It does seem to confuse those who can barely use base10. 

I was teaching a classroom of adults how to quickly convert a base2 network address to a dotted decimal address, using base16 as a transient layer.

This was the final straw.  Many of the class members seemed to melt down, and couldn't grasp the simple concept.  They allowed their brains to cloud the issue, and couldn't get past the fact that it's just a representation of a value.  It doesn't really matter if it's an atomic weight, a base2 value, the numbers of electrons in an atom, it's just a value, a number, a representation of 'something'.

How this confusion causes brain blockages is simply beyond me....  
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Hey, you can see the true nature of the matrix! Well, depending on whether or not your processing unit can also compile and decompress the data at the same time as seeing all the pretty green 0's and 1's. :D

I'm not sure how it could go over lots of peoples' heads either... Well, unless they don't really pay attention or something. Or if the teacher isn't clear enough.

Ok so I am lost...... :)