Weakness ...

I suppose I am a very forgiving person.  I have never carried hatred for someone or borne a grudge.  Sure I have disliked people and I do particularly dislike a poor attitude - especially someone who is a constantly trying to drag you down to their negativity - and I do meet people like that quite often!

But generally speaking, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  I understand that we all have weaknesses ... I know I have many ... so I think it's important to recognise this in others.

One area that I think needs particular understanding is in the area of parenting.  No child comes with an instruction book.  We learn from our own parents possibly, or we just have to make it up as we go along.  I have said to my daughter on more than one occasion "I'm only human ... I get it wrong sometimes ..." perhaps if I've yelled at her or indeed made some mistake.  I have never given my daughter the impression that her father and I are some kind of paragons who never make a mistake.  Nor, that she has to look up to us just because we are her parents.  I believe that respect has to be earned.

I think that recognition of our common humanity is what binds us and can strengthen our relationships.  In our children I think it is important that they see us as regular folks who sometimes make mistakes. 

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I think it's important to be ourselves with our children and not pretend to be some untouchable paragons ... something I feel strongly about. I think we need to be there for our children .. very real, very much warts and all.

thanks fungirl.