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Why is it that I understand people very well most of the time but most the time I feel like people either don't understand me or they don't listen.

I absolutly love nature, art, drawing, peacefullness :), harmonization, music my favorite thing to do is to sing and write. And I LOVE black and white photography I took a class for it two years in highschool, begining and advanced photography.

I am very down to earth and patient. Most of the time, I get moments where I'm emotionally unstable...

Panic attacks occur when I think too deeply... I don't know why.

I love animals and people, but often I say "I think I should have been an animal."

Too much fighting, conflict, sorrow and drama everywhere..

Oh and my dreams are weird and usually freak me out. A lot of the end of the world stuff in my dreams.

I so badly wish I didn't live in fear, but I do.

singerbabe583 singerbabe583
18-21, F
6 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I'm exactly the same
I love everything creative and beautiful.
I have figured out the problem.
We are highly understanding of others as we are sensitive an intuitive.
It's actually a GIFT.
Unfortunately we live in a world that is Selfish and impatient so we can't have the expectations from others.
Mostly people like us have to find the special someone for our emotional needs.
UNDERSTANDING is a GIFT, use it to experience beauty and creativity and learn more.
See and experience the beauty of the world from your understanding, not many can experience this.
Wish u all the best.

The key is to stay true to yourself :)

I'm experiencing the same thing you are. I"m glad I have found this. It gives me hope.

Singerbabe583, you remind me of myself. I am a very empathetic and understanding person, but there are times when I feel like nobody understands me or listens to me either. I always felt alone in this, but I'm glad that I have somebody to relate to! oh, and I have weird dreams too :)

Believe it or not i understand. I have been at that point many, many times. So much of what you have said above are my own thoughts and what i also do.

work, yoga, walk, sleep