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I have always been extremely scrawny due to some connective tissue disorder I was born with. I have been called all the classics, you know, stuff like bones, anorexic, ethiopian, and i would prefer to just be called douchebag, this wouldn't strike a nerve so much. I expected to hear this crap in middle school because immature teens and pre-teens can be cruel and that's just the way it is. But, i never expected at age 27 to still be dealing with people calling me names and making fun of me. Just yesterday I came home from the hospital and my brother-n-law had seen me for the first time in two weeks, he kept telling me how scrawny i looked and called me ethiopian and told me I needed to eat blah blah blah. He talked all this crap without a smile on his face, he was trying to be rude to me because he's a mean drunk apparently. I thought about getting my baseball bat and striking him down, but instead I just sat here like a ***** and took the insults. I get so angry that murder literally crosses my mind, i don't know what to do. Guys in their thirties will make fun if me out in public too, if I can hear some of them talking about me, then how many of them are talking about me that i can't hear? I get so angry that one day i really believe i may snap. There is no one i can talk to about these problems, not my wife, not my parents, no one, i just don't know what to do.

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Hi gmoneyq, I feel really sad for you. I've never understood why people want to be mean to or make fun of people who are different or having a hard time. What Edward above said is true. You could always say to those people, do you have so little in your life that you have to make fun of someone with a serious disease? What a loser, then walk away. I don't know the facts about your disease, but if you are able to eat all you want and not gain weight, you can say, at least I'll never end up a tub of lard like you. I have Ehler's Danlos syndrome, also a connective tissue disease. But it doesn't make me skinny tho. I wish you could talk with your wife and parents. I'm also bipolar (the worst kind, yeah!) but I've learned that to survive I've got to talk to people. One of my best friends who has aids taught me that. Just be open, talk about it and you'll make some real friends. The people who don't understand aren't developed enough yet and are insecure (as Edward said). Don't worry about freaking out "normal people" (so you stay silent and don't say much). I've learned that most people aren't normal anyway. As far as your brother-in-law you can tell him you were born with your disease, but your brother in law is responsible for his (alcoholism) so he should shut his mouth until he's got his own problem fixed.

Hey man, I`m sorry to hear about how rude and ignorant people can be to you... I understand that your dealing with something that is beyond your control. But not everyone will realize that, and begin to pass judgment on you or tease you... But what may help you is if you keep in mind that the only reason any of these people are taking the opportunity to humiliate you is because of their own insecurities and self-consciousness`s. They see you are vulnerable, open to make fun of... not thinking about the impact it will have you, these people impulsively start blabering their mouths insulting you to cover up their own issues.... Someone who is fully confident and love themselves for who they really are understand that there is no reason nor point to passing judgment. ``If you have nothing nice to say, don`t say anything at all.`` right.. Rise above it man. Don`t let it get to you for if it does then they win... stay calm, realize they are only truly mocking themselves in the end.... Nobody deserves to feel like that, the last words of advice I have to share is ``Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by Others.`` Nameste, Much love.